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Everything you need to kick off and scale your virtual learning initiative in one place

Eduinspire provides all the tools to set up and scale digital learning experiences: for yourself or the user. We help you enhance and scale your user’s learning experience. Built on the latest technology and constantly innovating, you and your user are continuously exposed to the best possible learning and educating experience.

About our company

After building a strong partnership working with Logisoft and ABacademy - the top 10% of training providers in the United Kingdom - for years, we discovered there was a gap in the Virtual E-learning space. We collaborated with them to create an all-in-one product to help you improve your student’s academic results, save money, and educate efficiently, with an easy-to-use interface. EdInspire fills that gap in the Virtual Learning Space and aims to provide solutions to you and your business.

One platform. Everything you need.

The admin users can seamlessly perform all the activities like taking attendance, issuing warning letters, adding creative course content, onboarding partners, communicating with leads, etc.

Onboard tutors, sales and admission teams

Set up tutors, sales teams, admission teams and other teams in your institution on your platform seamlessly and assign them appropriate roles. You don’t need expensive and time-consuming orientation programs to onboard tutors and teams anymore when you use Edinspire.

Create course and Cohorts

Create courses on any topic, as simple or as complex as you want it. Upload course content in any format: text, images, audio, or video. You can also add assignments and quizzes to be completed with deadlines so your students can be scored and awarded grades.

Discussion forum and Assignments

Create an interactive university environment by getting the conversation going with discussion forums. Students can use this feature to ask questions and receive explanations on certain subjects. With this feature, students can understand their courses better, get better scores on assignments and quizzes and higher grades all round.

Attendance and Letters

Make sure your students attend class with the attendance feature. It lets you track their attendance and keep tabs on the student’s whereabouts. This feature helps your tutors mark attendance for students present and approve leave letters for students with sufficient reason.

Get external awarding and funding bodies on board too.

You’re not only onboarding tutors and university teams. You can also onboard agents, associates, and award and funding bodies that award students for excellent grades and provide funding for research. Edinspire allows for seamless communication with these external bodies without a third party.

Explore the student journey

How do you move from onboarding students to having them meet assignment deadlines? Learn how to integrate any new student into your system with our full support.

Find out the student journey in the flow below.

Onboard a prospective student

Onboard your prospect students with the click of a button and easily keep track with our easy-to-use interface. See their contact information, and what stage they’re in the process. Get notified when a lead completes an important task or milestone. This way, you can follow up at the right time and move them along smoothly.

Let them attempt initial assessments and submit the required enrollment details

The prospective students will complete the initial assessment and fill in the required details. The platform can track and manage various aspects of the application, from start to finish, ensuring that the process is as smooth and efficient as possible.

Prospect student becomes a student and gains access to assigned course content

New students will have access to their personal learning dashboard where they can see upcoming deadlines, assigned tasks, and progress in their program. They’ll also have access to a course catalog with all the courses offered by the institution, a virtual classroom where students can participate in live or recorded lectures, discussions, and group work, and a library of resources including books, articles, and videos relevant to the courses being taken.

Live classes integrated with Zoom, ioS, and Android applications for on-the-go learning.

No need to switch between apps to attend live classes. EdInspire is integrated with Zoom and provides access to attend in-app live classes; anywhere, anytime.

Missed a class? We’ve got them covered. Students can view live classroom recordings at any point during their program. Attendance is automatically fetched based on live class attendees.

Students can complete and submit assignments, and quizzes and get graded.

Assignments and quizzes are scheduled in the program and students can answer quizzes and submit assignments easily on the application.

Learn on the go. Available on ios and android.

Students can access course content anywhere, anytime on their mobile phones or laptops. You can use EdInsipire LMS to learn on your own time, at your own pace. Available on iOS and Android.

So why wait? Get started today.

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We’ve got everyone covered.

No more micromanaging and third-party communication. Your partners can have access to your platform.

Outreach Partners

Outreach partners can manage agents and prospective students through the partner portal. The portal provides a central location for managing account settings, users, and permissions. They can also access training materials and support resources through the portal when they need them.

Awarding Bodies

Awarding bodies can use portfolios and other data to monitor student progress and award certificates accordingly. This allows for a more streamlined and efficient process, as well as ensuring that students are receiving the recognition they deserve.

Funding Bodies

Funding bodies will have access to students' information like attendance, academic performance, and other important metrics. They can make better-informed decisions about how to allocate their resources. Results in better outcomes for students and more efficient use of funding.

Customize it to suit your needs and match your branding

Want to add or remove a feature? The product can be readily white-labeled and customized to suit your needs. With all the features and functionality you can expect from a leading LMS solution, you can brand it with your logo and colors and design your platform to suit your university’s needs.

Set up your virtual e-learning platform in less than 24 hours

Don’t wait. Join other Universities across the UK and create your e-learning platform with customization that matches your needs for higher education, further education, and professional courses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free trial period?

Yes, book a demo with our Customer Success Team, we'd activate a 15 day trial with unlimited access to all the features post the demo.

Is there limit on the number of users?

No, there is no limit on the number of students you can onboard onto the platform.

Do you provide custom integrations?

Yes, we provide tailored solutions and integrate them with your existing systems. Talk to our customer success team to know more.

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